​Over the course of 30 years of getting massages on a regular basis, Rainey is one of the most talented massage therapists that I’ve ever encountered. She was able to provide relief from hip pain that had been bothering me for over a year. She was worth flying to Oregon once a year to see.

 — Carroll V., Vermont


Rainey is by far the best massage therapist I have ever worked with (and I’ve been getting massages across the U.S. for decades). Whether I was presenting problems was bulging disks, shortened hip flexors, TMJ, or chronically tight neck and shoulders, Rainey could offer significant release and lasting results. I was in significant pain when I began seeing Rainey. Her knowledge and expert technique helped to resolve my pain issues while increasing my awareness of my body.  Rainey is professional and personable. I always felt like I was in good hands and that she truly cared about me and my overall health and well-being. Rainey has strong hands, deep knowledge, and wonderful energy. Do not hesitate to try her services should you have the opportunity!

 — Tenaya M., Eugene, Oregon


Rainey Taylor is an amazing massage therapist. Many times when she worked on my body, she had the magic touch in her hands that could pinpoint a problem spot, and know that to get to the solution, it would mean moving to other parts of my body, then working her way back to the spot. She truly understands the human body and how the muscles and tendons can impact other areas. You will be in good hands with Rainey.

 — Kirk K., Eugene, Oregon

Rainey has a rare gift, that of total presence. When she works with my body her focus is unwavering. It feels like she is in direct communication with the muscles, tendons, ligaments, sinews, bones and skin. Because she always allows me to breathe into each movement, as she works slowly and methodically, I am able to allow her to work very deeply. The release, relaxation and renewal that this produces is amazing and long lasting. My body has changed significantly since I started seeing Rainey. I play the harp for a living and the repetitive strain of holding my arms and shoulders in the same position for so many hours a day makes for habitually blocked energy and tight, knotted muscles. This would be a chronic condition if not for Rainey's skills. She is a blessing.

— Jane F., Eugene, Oregon


Rainey knows intuitively where tension is being held in my body and also how to release it. She works with my entire body as a physical manifestation of my thoughts and feelings. The results of her work have led me to personal breakthroughs in my own life.

— Alison C., Los Angeles, California


Rainey is an extraordinarily intuitive healer. She always seems to know exactly which areas to work and how to coax out energy that I didn't even know was trapped. A session with her is a deeply blissful experience, and the effects seem to last longer than other bodywork I have done in the past. Her passion for her work is evident in her focus, clarity, and careful attention to all aspects of our being. It more than just "massage" - it's deep healing for the body, mind, and soul.

— Darin W., Oakland, California


I've been spoiled. My first visit ever to a massage therapist was with Rainey. Her hands are at once sensitive and knowing, and yet powerful and firm. Her compassion and care, along with her knowledge and insight, combined for a wonderful experience with a truly gifted professional.

— Brooke L., Seattle, Washington


I had the privilege to instruct Rainey Taylor in her pursuit of Massage Therapy at the LA Vocational Institute. It was apparent from the very beginning that Rainey was a natural massage therapist and healer, which made her a joy to work with. Rainey has a passion for healing others and improving their quality of life that will be a tremendous asset in the years ahead.

— S. Tayler Kent, BA, MA, CMT, Instructor, LA Vocational Institute


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